The Peninsula Youth Soccer Club is always looking for special players who have the internal drive and passion to take their play to the next level.  Formal tryouts in Fall are on November 18th,19th and 20th
See below for the age group birthday ranges.

Parents of NEW tryout applicants should register online using the links below.

Please have players wear cleats, shinguards, soccer socks and bring water to the tryout. Players must bring completed and signed forms to tryout; players without forms cannot participate. This is a liability insurance requirement.

Tryout Locations and Registration Links:
U08 & U09: November 18th 4:00 pm Port Royal(Boys), Catamaran(Girls)
U10 & U11: November 19th 4:00 pm Port Royal(Boys), Catamaran(Girls)
U12 & U13: November 20th 4:00 pm Port Royal(Boys), Catamaran(Girls)


If you are interested but can't attend the tryout, you can visit the Teams page and contact the age appropriate team manager. They will try to arrange an alternative tryout opportunity.  If you need general help, you can also email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AGE REFERENCE CHART (for 2014-15 Season)

Age After Before


8/1/2006 7/31/2007
U9 8/1/2005 7/31/2006
U10 8/1/2004 7/31/2005
U11 8/1/2003 7/31/2004
U12 8/1/2002 7/31/2003
U13  8/1/2001 7/31/2002
U14 8/1/2000 7/31/2001
U15 8/1/1999 7/31/2000
U16 8/1/1998 7/31/1999
U17 8/1/1997 7/31/1998
U18 8/1/1996 7/31/1997
U19 8/1/1995 7/31/1996