Peninsula teams will receive Advanced Training from our Technical Director Leigh Davies, & a select group of Senior Coaches/Trainers, suitably qualified & experienced to deliver functional tactical work.  This program provides our teams & players with the opportunity to improve their existing understanding & awareness of the tactical aspects of the game, & also learn advanced tactics in a different method, style & concept.    

This is a supplementary program to our teams regular training schedule, our goal is to provide every team with 2 free Advanced Team Training (ATT) sessions each season.  Schedules will be drafted at the beginning of the season, from which the ATT Coach & Team Head Coach (THC) will calendar, discuss & coordinate the content of each session.  Together with the TCH, the ATT coach will plan, prepare & deliver the sessions based on this communication, with the assistance of the THC, & any Assistant Coaches present.

The ATT staff will report with relevant feedback, evaluation & assessment on each teams performance, strengths & weakness’s, to enhance & support the further development of our teams & players.  The ATT is a fully funded club program, financed from monies raised from our camps, tournament & other auxiliary events, & therefore at no additional cost to our membership. 

For further details on the ATT program, please contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.