Peninsula Youths Soccer Club Camps & Clinics are held in the summer, winter & seasonal breaks annually.  Offering a range of soccer training services, for beginners to advanced players, for our club players & all the children within the surrounding community aged as young as 5 years old to High School players. 

We provide a catalog of camp training services designed specifically to suit a players ability, age & desired level of learning, delivered by qualified & experienced professional coaches.  All camps are directed by Leigh Davies, & delivered by a carefully selected group of PYSC Coaches & special guest coaches.

Coach Rob Morini: Soccer School
Coach Erik Michon: Academy
Coach Corey Edden: Elite training and Speed, Agility and Quickness
Coach Brian King & Ivan Varela: Goalkeeping
Assistant Coaches: PYSC U16+ players

Our  2014 Camp Programs:

SOCCER SCHOOL CAMPS - beginner to intermediate, 5-9 age groups , recommended for developmental players, on Red Teams & AYSO players.  Challenging, Fun & Progressive Soccer Camps, coaching the fundamental basics of passing, receiving dribbling,  shooting & defending.  All this training is blended into a week of exciting & fun soccer activities, games & competitions.  Designed & organized to coach & develop soccer players of all ages & ability, by carefully placing our players in developmentally appropriate training groups for the duration of the camp. 

ACADEMY CAMPS - intermediate to advanced ball skills, 8-14 age groups, recommended for Club Players on White & Red Teams, or Select AYSO players.  The primary focus will be on personal technical development, players will also  experience game situations that challenge personal skills and team tactical concepts as the week progresses. All players will be put in an exciting soccer environment consisting of modern camp games, challenging skills demonstrations, & small-sided competitions.  The introduction and mastery of skill in a fun learning environment, which is achieved through maximum ball contacts, expert coaching, & skills challenges 

ELITE TRAINING & S.A.Q. - Advanced technical skill application, 9-16 age groups, for advanced players only, competing on a Blue team at the Silver level or higher.   How to perform advanced skills in game situations, receiving the ball under pressure, finishing, individual & group attacking, defending 1v1 &  in units.  When & why to certain skills relative to your position & role within a team.  Transition, speed of play, combination play, principles of attack & defense, attacking & defending set pieces.  Elite Training now incorporates Speed Agility & Quickness.

GOAL KEEPING CAMPS – Shot Blocking, Positioning, Diving, Reaction Speed, Footwork, Distribution, Crosses, Defending Set Pieces.  For players aged 8-16.

FUTSAL CAMPS - Individual skills and techniques essential to the game of futsal, player's will learn the fundamentals of futsal, focusing on ball skills and ball manipulation. Our coaches will take player's through a number of different attacking/defensive scenarios, helping player's make more informed decisions, learning the tactics of the game, preparing them for the futsal leagues & tournaments.  For players aged 8-16.

SPEED AGILITY & QUICKNESS CAMPS - Speed: acceleration and Speed, High-intensity Running Breakaway speed, recovering from loss of possession.  Power:   Vertical Jump Lower-Body Explosive Power Head balls, first step explosiveness, creating space.  Agility:  Arrowhead Agility, Change of Direction, Postural Control, Speed Multi-directional nature of game means agility may be most important factor in physical profile.   Endurance Capacity:  Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test, Level 2 Endurance/Recovery Capacity Ability to repeat and recover from high-intensity exercise. For players aged 9-16.


Questions/Information -  Leigh Davies