Below are some Frequently Asked Questions, often from families new to club soccer or PYSC.

What is “competitive” Soccer?

– The Peninsula Youth Soccer Club plays “competitive” soccer under the Redwood League registration umbrella.  Our teams participate in both CYSA and NorCal playing leagues

– Our goal is to provide long term player development so that they can achieve their highest level of competition

– We strive to provide quality training and competition so that your child (if they stick with it) is ready to play in high school and potentially higher levels of the game

How is “Club” soccer different from AYSO soccer?

– “Club” soccer tends to be more competitive and selective than AYSO.

– Our coaches are professional and highly trained with parent volunteers filling administrative roles

– There are usually one or two teams for each age group with a tryout process in place to select the players

– “Club” teams travel to play teams of comparable skill and experience levels from other cities as scheduled by their playing league.

When is the season?

– Most of our teams participate in two playing league seasons and practice 8 to 10 months out of the year.

– We play an 8 to 10 game Spring season that runs from late March to mid/late June and an 8 to 10 game Fall season that runs from early September to mid November.

– During each season, we typically play 1 game per weekend (either Sunday or Saturday). There are some weekends with games on both days.

– Most team play 2‐3 tournaments each season, which consist of 3‐4 games over a 2‐day period at a single location.  There is travel involved with most tournaments.

– In the winter we offer indoor and outdoor soccer option for teams.

What is the practice schedule?

Practices are held twice a week on weekday afternoons at a local Foster City field and last 90 minutes.

– Practices may start as early at 3:45pm and could end as late at 7:00pm depending on the time of year.

How far do we travel?

– Most games will be within a 30‐60 minute drive from Foster City – from SF to Morgan Hill.

– Home games are played in Foster City.

How many players on a team?

– Younger teams (U8‐U11) play 8v8 sided games and roster up to 13 players.

– Older teams (U12-U18) play 11v11 sided games and roster up to 18 players.

Who are the coaches?

– Our teams have professionally licensed, contracted coaches and trainers who are “educated” to provide an organized and technical program for your child.

Who are the managers?

– The management of a team is made up of volunteer parent. Duties include processing registrations, communicating with the parents, scheduling games, ordering uniforms, planning team events.  Many of these duties are shared within a group of parents not just one.

What are the coaches looking for in new players?

– In general, the coaches are looking for good footwork and ball control, the ability to follow directions and respond to coaching while demonstrating drive and athletic ability. The coaches will teach technique, strategy, and positioning during the season, so what they want to see in tryouts are solid fundamentals and the child’s love for the game.

What are the costs?

– The cost per season is $600 ‐ $800 based on level of the team, number of practices and tournaments played.

– Uniforms are also an additional cost.

How are teams organized?

– At each age level we are looking for BLUE & WHITE teams (upper and lower).  Each child develops at a different point in their playing career, having two teams allows for player movement up and down.

What skill sets are you looking for during tryouts?

– Our technical director and Club staff conducts the tryout.  There are specific drills that they will run the kids through and they will be evaluated. The evaluators are following a consistent rating process but mostly, they are looking for kids that are interested in playing soccer, are coachable and want to get better.

How often will you have tryout? When is the next one?

– We hold tryouts once per year.  November 4 is the main tryout, the makeup is December 2nd. Most teams have prospective and interested players attend practices throughout the year.

Do you let the kids know that it is a tryout?

– Most kids know it is a tryout but the staff does a nice job of making it fun.  There will be numbered pennies (vests) given to each player so that  an evaluation can be completed on the tryout dates.